you had not changed but your cameras were no longer identical_H.L.M07

'you had not changed but your cameras were no longer identical' is my first foray into the world of noise in many years.
By combining the pianos that have become customary in my work with spectral processing and soft, controlled noise, this new EP signals both a change in direction as well as the summation of several years of artistic exploration.
Employing a set of tunings created by Nicholas Gish and beautifully mastered by Ian Hawgood, 'cameras' uses the string resonance of an imaginary thirty foot long piano to drive a series of processes that propel the listener through a world of glacially evolving static sonorities and symphonic climaxes that border on the ecstatic.
The title, based on a dream in which i encounter a friend whom i have never met, is in itself a poetic expression that emphasizes the bleak beauty of my inner landscapes. In the dream, i am riding on my childhood school bus; my friend is in the school yard taking photos and i notice that there is not one but two of him. As i look closer, i can not tell which is which, but his cameras are no longer identical. if music can express anything, this is my attempt to forge a virtuoso exploration of raw symphonic emotion and uncompromisingly poetic romanticism.
Special thanks to Alexis Béchu for encouraging me to compose this work and to Johnny Utterback for his stunning artwork.

tanner menard

Dowload the sound material with a click on the link under:

You had not changed..._mp3_320kbps