The Driver_HLM#10

Started in July 2008, The Driver began with little direction and evolved into a finished product that ultimately finds a fit between the analog and digital recording processes and relies on both simultaneously throughout its 32 minutes. Across six tracks, each made up of a shade on the color spectrum Tom Vourtsis album blends drones with discordance, resting somewhere in between.

1. Black (4:26)
2. Green (8:03)
3. Blue (5:13)
4. Brown (6:17)
5. Chrome (6:52)
6. White (1:17)

this album will be avaible to download very soon


Je ne regrette rien_HLM09

"Je ne regrette rien" is a three tracks planing ep writing by Segue as Jordan Sauer from Vancouver Canada.There is an amont of warm craft vibrations raising-up in Segue sounds work and of course you will find those during you listening this ressort.
Such a delight of natural spaces create by sound composing with a impresive care for esthetic,sensitivity and feeling.
Jordan also run the sound label Duckbay which show is devotion, taste and talent for music around electro,folk,ambiant.
"Je ne regrette rien" which mean I do not regret anything is a wonderful message where crossover of melodic loops bring the listener to breath at ease.

Dowload the whole sound release with a click on the link under
Segue - je ne regrette rien mp3 320 kbps


Abscon (5.L) ditus ianua H.L.M08

"abscon (5.L)ditus ianua" by Relmic Statute easily flows through whole sonic worlds and musical genres. One can't help but feeling that this album takes a tour through the personal world of its creator and through the vast places that modern electronica has made possible through technological wizardry. This album is the perfect fusion of its elements.

Filled with field recordings and manipulations, the experiencer is quickly driven through an evolving environment that at once embraces noise and ambience, music concrete coupled with a deep sense of folky romanticism. This work will surprise you, it will challenge you, but it will not leave your deepest desires for music unsettled.

This is the music of someone who embraces what is and what will be.

for dowload the material click on the link under
title hlm08 mp3 320 KBPS


you had not changed but your cameras were no longer identical_H.L.M07

'you had not changed but your cameras were no longer identical' is my first foray into the world of noise in many years.
By combining the pianos that have become customary in my work with spectral processing and soft, controlled noise, this new EP signals both a change in direction as well as the summation of several years of artistic exploration.
Employing a set of tunings created by Nicholas Gish and beautifully mastered by Ian Hawgood, 'cameras' uses the string resonance of an imaginary thirty foot long piano to drive a series of processes that propel the listener through a world of glacially evolving static sonorities and symphonic climaxes that border on the ecstatic.
The title, based on a dream in which i encounter a friend whom i have never met, is in itself a poetic expression that emphasizes the bleak beauty of my inner landscapes. In the dream, i am riding on my childhood school bus; my friend is in the school yard taking photos and i notice that there is not one but two of him. As i look closer, i can not tell which is which, but his cameras are no longer identical. if music can express anything, this is my attempt to forge a virtuoso exploration of raw symphonic emotion and uncompromisingly poetic romanticism.
Special thanks to Alexis Béchu for encouraging me to compose this work and to Johnny Utterback for his stunning artwork.

tanner menard

Dowload the sound material with a click on the link under:

You had not changed..._mp3_320kbps



Stasis is an album compose during october, november 2009 by the guitarist and sound artist Glenn Alan Brice as "djozr" from Florida.The sound on stasis is defenitevly cycling, with a meaning for inertie of time, light and spaces.The sound cleverly shape, fairly depht and blur use tone from electric guitar, micro sample and an amount of audio filters.
The process of djozr, more than create drones and stromb of sound, do play with frequencies level to make each track convulsive, mecanic and alife.

Don't mind the beat per minute here every second is the resolve of sound, just let it go into the progressive, thick and awsome loops of Stasis.



Histoires Naturelles_H.L.M 05

Phillipe Lamy album is a series of five concret, slightly ambiant music pieces which bring us into noizes, recording and blurred tonal movements. Built with an amazing fluidity and a peculiar attention the sound from"Histoire Naturelles" use a lot of divers sources for the pleasure of the ears.

Amplified objects, voices, breath, planing pad, overdrive, machine noises, depht basses, field recording, piano, feedback... are the colours meticulously choose by the french artist for tell us some surprising stories.

to dowload Histoire click on the link under:
Phillipe Lamy_Histoires Naturelles_320kbps mp3


The Other Are Dead, You Can Go Home_H.L.M 04

This month we are very please to introduce you to
"The Other Are Dead, You Can Go Home" a electric sound material of three tracks composed by Andrea Scevola.The music from the Italian artist(all-ready release on Q-Tone net-label)is built with spacious synthesis drones, sinusoid melodies sounds with a briliant sprinkles from trigger fx, click, crunchy high frequencies.

A planing and vibrating experience in electronic sound process.

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